When I was about 13, I opened up command prompt on Windows, and changed the color of it to green then ran the tree command. So, not thinking of anything, this was in the library in front of about 60 people and 2 teachers.

All others saw was green text going down fast, and instantly presumed that I was hacking since they knew I was into coding and finding exploits, and just knew how to use a computer better than them in simple terms (HACKER MAN). Thus this lead to me getting sent to the principal's office... I almost got suspended cause I ran the tree command in green.

Two questions for me remain unanswered, that I would love to know. What would've happened if command prompt was printing text in red. Another question becomes, what would've happened if people saw me pinging Google or some popular site.

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    If it was red, they probably would have thought it was a game. If you pinged Google, they would have thought you were still hacking, even if the text was white.
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    Lol, your school really should know what they're talking about before they nearly suspend someone. Did they get someone who actually knows something about computers to help calm the teachers down? Or were you on your own?
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    Yea, that's what I figured would happen.

    Sadly, on my own. Since it wasn't a Tuesday is what I remember, and our IT person only came in on Tuesdays. Only good thing is, the teachers didn't want to listen but my principal listened and after I explained to her, she understood and just told me to go back to class. Swear to god those teachers were crazy though, if it didn't seem normal they're response was "HACKER! GET TO THE OFFICE, YOU'RE GONNA GET SUSPENDED." then they'd go to the office demanding the principal/vice-principal to suspend the student. Sad to say, some were falsely suspended. Happy to say, because of that day, I ended up getting that teacher fired that day, due to the fact I explained how this happens on a normal basis and my parents were pissed back then about that.

    Everything works out in the end :3
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    That's a good story, thanks for sharing :D

    You did gud getting rid of that teacher making those false accusations!
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