I took this contract and made the suggestion that we backup to the cloud and create a private repo on GIT. Client said no, local should be fine, they don't want someone stealing their code. I said okay fine.
AC just went out in the server room and they apparently had a leak from the AC to the power supply which they happened to put on top of the rack servers and switches. I'm surprised that place didn't catch fire, might be to early to call it.
All this on a Friday and we were 2 weeks away from launch party.
Not my fault, I clearly said we backup to cloud and use GIT on private repo.

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    I am very paranoid so I would have a copy of the code stashed somewhere. I lost a few days of code last week due to hardware failure. I didn't push my code so it was my fault.
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    before starting a project the first thing we should do is backup
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    yes, the thing is, github makes probably millions, they probably do not care about some crappy code
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