How come that asking politely on StackOverflow brings you hatred and contempt while hating on DevRant brings you empathy, understanding, consolation, encouragement and a friendly slap on the back?

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    Target audience and current user base. SO is old and has users old enough to be tired of explaining something for the nth time. That's not so much of the case for DevRant as many users are here to do more than just answer programming issues, shifting the target audience to a broader set of different people.

    At least that's how I've come to see SO after a while.
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    Stack overflow aims to be an issue fixing directory essentially, they follow far stricter rules. While here it's essentially a casual forum of sorts for chatting/ranting about IT/Comp Sci related topics. Completely different expectations
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    SO: troubleshooting n sheeit
    DR: literally made for bitching and moaning
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    Let's make a forum for questions, so other people can link to Google and SO, politely.

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