Anyone else take the day off because of the snow/ice in the UK? ❄

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    @Charon92 lol my manager said "There’s can be no working from home today - It's company-wide policy set by our HR mgr." 😂
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    Not today, things are getting back to normal. Last couple of days I would have though. Had a bit of holiday time anyway though, my partner and I have just moved house.
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    I'm in the South West and it's due to snowstorm all afternoon 🙁
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    Nope, just hoping my train home isn't cancelled from the red warning. 🙄
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    Considering how expensive transport is, you'd think they would bullet proof the infrastructure. Instead, a bit of snow and all shit goes belly up right away. Kinda ridiculous.
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    @mzeffect I think it's because snow is so infrequent. If it snowed often then they would invest in ploughs etc
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