git blame
git fired
git depression
git divorce
git homeless
git commit
git job
git house
git wife --better

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    it's beautiful
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    Such a happy ending. 😀
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    sudo apt-get install -yq wife dog big-fucking-house
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    git drunk --force
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    git checkout new-wife
    git tag "fallen in love"

    // but I'm missing some properties...

    git merge ex-wife
    (fix conflicts and run git commit)
    git commit -am "removed flaws"

    // ugh no, don't do this...

    git reset --hard "fallen in love"

    // hmm...

    git checkout best-friend~3
    git tag "took developer courses"
    git checkout new-wife
    git cherry-pick -x "took developer courses"

    // wait...

    git diff cute-coworker -- smile.json | git apply -
    git commit -am "damn... that looks good on her"

    // No. no one should have this kind of power...

    git reset --hard "fallen in love"

    sudo apt remove git
    sudo apt install dropbox
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    Like if you cry every time :)
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    Fucking poetry. I cried.
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    @Eliezer welcome to devrant ;-)
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    git checkout kids ??
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    @CurseMeSlowly you have to:

    git laid

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    git good
    git employment and business
    git stability --rich
    git hunt crush
    git rebase -i crush
    git first-base
    git commit
    git married
    git laid
    git push origin wife 😏
    git baby
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