devComic #3 "The Pizza Paradox" adapted from a rant by @molynerd (https://devrant.com/rants/178708/)

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    This made me hungry, gotta go, it's time to order pizza now!!! 🍕🍕
    // Null = Order not placed yet
    // 0 = order placed
    // 1 = got my pizza
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    It’s like the toilet paper paradox
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    I like this one better
    0 vs NULL
    Either way you're fucked 😂
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    @smudo true true.
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    Hmm, i noticed that people on reddit dont like these, its weird

    I love them tho
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    @amahlaka yeah, tons of upvotes but also outspoken hate from a vocal minority. I made the branding pretty aggressive, I think that got under people's skin. That combo made some cry vote manipulation and the mods decided to appease the haters. Whatcha gonna do...
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