Android studio or IntelliJ ?

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    Android studio
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    Isn't jetBrains who developed intelliIJ
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    Quality rants
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    @Nawap @irene
    "IntelliJ IDEA is a Java integrated development environment (IDE) for developing computer software. It is developed by JetBrains (formerly known as IntelliJ)."

    Right now, "IntelliJ IDEA", is the complete product name and is commonly referred to as IntellijJ.
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    @irene The IDE is called IntelliJ IDEA and is commonly referred to as IntelliJ. You are not wrong but let people call it IntelliJ.
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    Jetbrains developed 'IntelliJ IDEA', an IDE for Java and some other languages. Android Studio is a special version for Android Development on top of IntelliJ IDEA. I never heard from a company called IntelliJ...

    @green To answer the question: if you want to develop android apps I'd suggest AS, othereise I'd choose IntelliJ.
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    @irene It doesn't contradict your statement.
    It adds to it by saying that, yes, originally IntelliJ was the company and IDEA was their product. But then the company got renamed to Jetbrains.
    Since then "IntelliJ IDEA" has been used to refer to the product itself, which is further shortened to "IntelliJ".
    So what was initially the name of the company, has now become the name of the product.
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    I Did not know that they renamed to jetBrains!
    jetBrains sounds cool than intellij
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