Moved into my a new house. No internet yet, and my mobile data barely connects. Real life horror story.

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    I know your suffer. 😰
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    When I read your rant I thought, hmmmm, might this be a fellow South African suffering.

    ... checks profile ...

    You know mos ;)
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    Been there bruh..
    How I've always wished to create a device that lets me get rid of these middlemen ISPs..
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    Starbucks - alternate recovery site 😀
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    @Jumpshot44 if I had a Starbucks in my bedroom!
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    @ardinent 😂😂😂. Now I have an opportunity to continue my rant! Did my best to sort out it out in advance, Telkom says don't worry just let your ISP know in advance (Afrihost), what does Afrihost do? "Don't worry just contact Telkom with a bunch of documents and they'll have you sorted in a couple of days! "

    Worst part is I have a bunch of mobile data from telkom and Vodacom but BOOM no signal. The struggle is real down here.
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    Probably no fiber interest in you area either?
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