JavaScript syntax are so bad that even IDE is useless for such language

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    Actually it is dynamically typed, so IDEs can't do much. If you want that kind of support then check out Typescript
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    @rookiepatty That assigning function to a variable is done by scala too. Functions are first class citizens in a lot of languages
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    I guess most people tend to diss duck typed languages and forgets to embrace their freedom. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck! It can't be simpler than that.
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    @rookiepatty its not exactly passing a function, specifically its a code block, even c and c++ has this feature its how functional programming is done. Even in assembly language you can do this (though there's no functions in assembly line language) but you can create a similar effect
    Oh and if I'm not mistaken java 8 just added support for this
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    with Elm-Lang you get imutable js. Elm a haskel style strongly typed language that compiles to html css javascript. It has one of the best and friendliest compiler so that your javascript just works predictably.

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    Hey use VS Code and install jshint plugin., you will love it and thank me
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    webstorm? No? ok
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