After years in frontend, I still have to google how to link css and script files in html.

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    emmet helps

    type "link" and press tab
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    @heyheni I couldn't even breathe without Emmet, but I'm too dumb to memorize the keyword that has to come after :
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    If you wanna know it for CSS, I memorized it for CSS, try to memorize the linking scheme in general:
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="pathto/file.css">
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    I can relate I feel like I am constantly looking up CSS docs...
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    Is there anything wrong with that ?
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    If you look it up next time, don't c&p it! Type it! I rarely c&p or use code completion while i learn a new language. It slows you down first but speeds you up in the long run.
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    I wish I could ++ this a thousand times
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    Ikr. Why r they difficult to remember?
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