TL;DR, which is the best JS templating library?

I've been using React for a while since I like the library's ideology and how simple designing templates is. But for the sake of future technologies, I've been wondering if I could get out of React and start coding with native JS.
The only problem is constructing the DOM, which gets super ugly with vanillaJS. So, I want to ask the experienced members of devRant which library would best suit my use case.

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    Have a look at w3js, its literally only for templating
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    Why not Vue.js?

    It has the same strength of React but it's designed to be a drop-in in your html code if you want and man that helps a lot if you need to quickly build a component for an existing project.

    Obviusly you can build a single page application (like in Angular 1 ) but you're not limited to that!
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    @sharktits w3js seems to be an alternative to jquery. Couldn't find an example with templates. :(
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    @plokko I've tried vuejs in the past and absolutely loved it. Although there is one annoyance with that kind of templating - convoluted markup for basic operations like loops, conditional renders, etc.
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    @floatright the markup ino is not as bad as mixing "classes" with template logic ala react. All great solutions tho.
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    @AleCx04 I see what you mean. But I think what I'm looking for is a replacement for "functional components"
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