I see my boss interested in learning new languages as if it is gonna be some sort of holy grail but his logic remains the same.

I'm in a step of my life that I finally understand that this language fight is a total waste of time:

PhP is fucking delicious to deploy

Java is fucking delicious to work with spring boot

Python has a fucking delicious syntax and I wanna marry it

Go is fucking delicious to outperform others

Anyway, my point is that when you get the hang of it you should learn concepts and improve your logic instead of hoping language x is gonna save you, its not.

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    It sucks though when you know multiple languages and know that what you are trying to accomplish could be done more preformant/cleaner in another but it's out of the scope of the project. I've been doing a lot of java lately and FFS do I miss operator overloading/structures(specifically the contiguous memory aspect)/string manipulation that doesn't require a full new block of memory to be allocated every time you want to slightly adjust something. 😠
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    What's with the tag tho?
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    Yes, it’s always interesting to think of how you’d implement the same idea using different languages taking into consideration their strengths and limitations. I’m currently working on a C++ project (I usually use Java), haha. And upon spending sometime away from Java, it’s just clear how bulky Java projects become. Don’t get me wrong, I love making organized classes, and streamlining how I use them but there is something so eloquent and to the point with C++ (quite lightweight).

    It’s not the same as in C++ where our explicitly overload actual operators but you can do pretty much the same thing with your class’ methods in Java; it’s just more cumbersome. Also, consider using StringBuilder class for mutable strings.
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    Languages are made centered around a way of thinking, a paradigm, and not the other way around.

    TL;DR - I agree. The way of thinking should drive what language you use. As programmers, we are learning how to vary how we think.

    TL;TL;DR - 🤫
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    @Froot unlike the other languages listed in the rant, JS isn’t even considered to be something “delicious” that will “save” anyone?

    I can see that since rarely anyone ever uses pure JS anymore. Just framework upon framework upon framework... :(
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    @enoon Yes people use libraries and frameworks to get stuff done. But why should they reinvent the wheel if it's already done?

    As for being considered sweet or such, I do. I quite like JS, It's has some unique properties that make it great, namely it's async nature and it's functional parts like first class functions.
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    @Froot :) I don't like it, thats all
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    As a young programmer, this is one of the few things I'm proud to realize so early.
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    @enoon sure you can use methods in java in place of overloaded operators but if you have ever had to use math classes like vectors matrices and quaternions you would quickly realize how ugly methods make the code. Also you lose out on the code automatically doing stuff in brackets first then multiplication and division then addition/ subtraction. If you have a formula in java it becomes a multi line mess even if it could be done in one clean line in other languages.
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    it’s funny, the C++ project I mentioned I was working on is actually a port of some MATLAB code. Matrices and vectors are used in the MATLAB code and although it isn’t as nice, I use vector containers in C++; you could also use double or triple pointers to achieve multidimensionality.

    MATLAB is dynamically-typed so you don’t worry about what kind of value goes into a field, you just assign the results of some operation on two operands to a variable. Also, the defined functions for working with different math types are very nice. However close to real-life operations MATLAB gets, it’s still not as simple as real life. C++ is closer, in terms of being able to overload operators for vector and matrix operations, and Java is farther down but both of them are not mathematical programming languages to be honest.
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    @azous Guess it's your choice.

    But like... PHP? Come on man 😄 2002 is long past 😄
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    @Froot haha I hate php, just included it there because it really is freaking sweet to deploy :/
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    @enoon sounds like a job for hasskell :P
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