I love group projects.
There is no greater feeling than, after you set up the repository with the first code files, your team mate changes the indentation and commenting style in every file to his own style without even discussing the general coding style rules in the group first.

Fucking awesome start.

Go eat a sack of unwashed hobo balls you filthy cunt.

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    Which language? I've seen devs doing that accidentally because they thought it was a good idea to let their IDE auto-lint everything (hint: it's really not because what @op said happens).
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    Create an .editorconfig file and make them use an IDE / plugin that uses it:

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    For intellij, there is a plugin called Safe Actions, which will automatically reformat the file on save. It has an option to only reformat lines that have been edited compared to the vcs head. Great way to coexist peacefully in small projects without having to define full blown code specs across the team.
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