So apparently this is how you get kids to learn coding.

Graphics after pretty nice but coding by dragging commands takes too long...

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    There are many games like this even with "real coding" :)
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    Well you're not the target audience either.

    For kids, it has to be colorful and fun or they'll drop it. You cant throw Fortran at a 7 year old.
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    Other programming games

    Pretty much anything by Zachtronics
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    I actually struggled on some of this, but then again my maths is terrible, and most programming games seem to *really* focus on math as the medium rather than more tangible examples of the abstractions.

    It’s a solid game though, and I reckon with a bit more polish it could be great.
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    I like this kind of games. Especially because it can get kids into programming much better than any random tutorial.
    And I agree on the zachtronics comment 😎
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    @arcadesdude spacehem gets hard fast. Opus Magnum has a slightly gentler learning curve, but the timing system is a real pain to wrap your head around.
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    Well there was people here not able to finish the google coding game...
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    mannnn! i used to love this game till Shenzen IO came out
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    HOLD ON WAIT A FUCKING SECOND. A student at my university made this??😮
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    @daintycode how would you know? I didnt actually give a name?
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    @billgates he presented it in one of our classes.
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    @billgates the question is how this even came to you?
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    Ok this is getting dumb now I think...

    You want me to copy-paste add 40 times?

    I guess time to go back to HackerRank...
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    @daintycode oh wow... it was in one of the game lists in Play... I was bored so just browsing games and this was one of them...
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    @billgates the whole point of this level is to show that there are better approaches than to use add 40 times. If I remember correctly, about 6 to 8 adds should be sufficient.
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    @Froot yes, but think of how awesome a coder could be if they started Fortran at 7?! By 25 they could be a code deity!
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