Any good ideas for fun side projects?

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    @irene Something you won't kill yourself doing. Something new. Something you don't usually do. Anything along these lines.
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    @irene They don't have to. Apply those properties on yourself and spill whatever comes to mind. The more the merrier :)
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    Social network?
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    Html parser with regex.
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    You could try hacking the NSA.
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    @three333 Macbook here... Gaming isn't very doable.
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    @notroot That's definitely something new that one doesn't usually do, but I am not pretty sure regarding whether I will be killing myself doing that or not.
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    @j4cobgarby @irene @Jakuho Thanks so much guys!
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    Create a terminal client for Pushbullet or a similar service, so you can get notifications synced from other devices, in real time, in a terminal tab
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    Do some Phishing to your non technical friends. You'll feel good :D
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