What are your thoughts on WordPress?

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    Worse than a brain tumor
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    It's good for starters and time saving. Good for the People who are not into tech stuffs that much eg, photographer, journalists ect.
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    We had a guy recommending our boss WordPress and he got fired not so long after.
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    Probably not the reason he was fired
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    @Linux should've been
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    @Eqb8 hahaha
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    Functional, once you get comfortable with how it works. Saves some time over developing basic elements such as logins from scratch, and also provides the security benefits that come with being open source—namely, that thousands of people are inspecting it, and it gets patched regularly.

    Where it gets ugly is when you have inept devs who break the way things work, short-circuiting processes so that data is out of sync, etc. Or when you have non-devs adding everything via plugin, which I have seen lead to 60-active-plugin pileups with three sliders, four gallery plugins, a pair of contact form plugins, several conflicting analytic suites, and a bunch of other unidentifiable crap, half of which was never deactivated when they decided not to use it...
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    WooCommerce, however, is a bit of a different story. Best out of a pile of options, primarily because it’s a first-party solution (even if it was an acquisition, and not an organic first party product). Annoying because it doesn’t handle some things the same way as core WordPress (again, due to its adopted status). Backwards compatibility breaks suck hard here.
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    I used it for my blog, it's pretty cool if you don't want to go through the headache of making your own website or using a static generator like Jekyll.
    Seriously, I'd rather spend writing content than figuring out why stuff isn't aligned or why something's not getting rendered properly.

    For making sites for clients/dynamic sites, though, not so nice.
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    Great if you can let it do its job without hijacking everything about the way it works. Not so great if your minimally viable product requires 5,000 plugins.
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    A tool like many others.
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    @LicensedCrime goteem
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