Finally decided to give Arch Linux a go on hardware.
I've never had so much fun installing a distro before.
I chose Deepin as the desktop environment, it's fucking beautiful.
(I somehow didn't really take to i3, I prefer a full blown environment like Deepin).
Since it's my first time using Arch and Deepin, do you guys have any advice? How you like to use and maintain Arch? Any tips? Productivity hacks? (Besides a tiling WM)

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    I'm also interested :)
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    Some general tips for new users:

    A lot of the software you will want to install is in the AUR. While you can install everything manually, an AUR helper is recommended. The two most popular are yaourt and pacaur. Pacaur is generally considered better, but is no longer maintained and it seems like trizen is taking it's place.

    Arch Wiki is your best friend. Any issues you encounter are likely described in the wiki (or in a quick Google search). I recommend getting an Arch wiki app on your phone, since you will most likely break something.

    Breaking your system is not necessarily a bad thing and can teach you a lot.

    Update your system often. Before updating you may want to look at Arch Linux news in case some manual action needs to be taken. It doesn't happen often, but it's always a good idea to check that.

    NEVER DO A PARTIAL UPDATE. Always update the whole system with 'pacman -Syu' or 'trizen -Syu'. Updating a single package may break dependencies and brick the whole system.

    I remember deepin desktop to be buggy, but it was some time ago, so maybe it's better now. Just something to keep in mind.
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    @killermenpl thank you! This is very helpful.
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