Been wearing sunglasses to the office for a few months now because I'm sick of bright screens, light themes of co-workers, the daylight outside that shines through the windows (I moved to another desk further away from the windows), the ceiling lights that are always on (even when there's daylight from outside, thanks boss) and people expecting me to have my eyes open in meetings when there's nothing to look at so now I can just close them and switch to "standby" while I'm still listening.

I am a devampire.

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    I got dark tints put into my glasses for the same reason, but now everything is so bright with them off I may never see sunlight again
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    I'm no docctor, but you might be overreacting to bright light because of vitamin defficiencies or something...
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    Pretty highly unlikely. Myself and many others have eyes that are fairly sensitive to bright light. Going out in the sun almost always makes me sneeze, i have to wear sunglasses outside unless it's cloudy, normal monitors make my eyes hurt on their usual brightness settings. Low blue light monitors really help
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    If it gets really bad you could try some eye drops. I started using them and it helped so much.
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    @Arro this sneezing is pretty common. I have that too.
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    Or you could be like me. Got told my pupils are like 50% larger than normal, so light just hurts...

    Doc said just said to wear sunglasses when it is bad, otherwise ignore. Nothing he can do.
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    Nah, it's nothing medical. It's just that I don't like light. I'm not literally "sick".

    I am a nyctophile.
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    @irene I tried that this morning.

    Was bright, but ok.

    Went for a walk after lunch and am now back to sunglasses though.

    I'll try to adapt I guess 😎
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