Finally got me a Google home.
This thing is awesome, feels like living in the future

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    U living in the us ? Cause here in Germany that thing can't do anything :D
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    @linuxxx why don't you also get one? 😋
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    @YourNemesis Haha I'd rather cut my balls off ;)

    Nah I'd rather have my voice staying out of mass surveillance programs :)

    Good for the OP that he likes it though!
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    @noogli No, I live in the Baltics. Some features like calling don't work but other than that it works pretty well. I use it basically as a hub for my smart home devices.
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    I think it works very poorly, with hue and Spotify gets the song 60% of the time right almost half a year with Google now and I wish I got an alexa :/
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    @noogli Well one of our differences might be that you're probablly using it in German while I'm using it in English. I haven't had any issues really.
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