Alexa (in another room): ***ALARM***
Me: Hey Google, broadcast "Alexa, stop"
Alexa: ***stops***

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    Wait what's the point in having both? lol
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    Well, I started with one of the first Alexas in one room. After a while I bought a Google Home Mini for comparison. Now I have a Google Home in every room 😂
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    Yes. Since it is your own voice being broadcastet, it works.
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    @rhein7 I've got a mini in my bedroom and in my living room so I can play music in the whole apartment without a really loud source filling the whole apartment
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    @rhein7 it would work even with Google saying it
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    After some months of use I am rather on Google's side. The main argument is IFTTT. When using Alexa, you have to say "Trigger" everytime.
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    I never understood why this meme has a picture of Freddy Mercury.
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    @Brosyl Wow, that is astonishing! Tell me more, please!
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    Hey Google, broadcast "Hey Google, broadcast "Hey Google, broadcast "Hey Google, broadcast "Hey Google"""""
    Wait for the delays with each Google it'll get to, making this loop infinitely as long as there's low background noise. Commence the summoning of Satan
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    I think because you said - “Alexa Stop” , your alexa heard that phrase and stopped? Not because you told google that phrase? Possible right?
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