So I had to write a program for university... It got graded.. I got 1.7 (1 being best).
Now you might say that's good. But I wrote a whole fucking final fantasy like game with engine and the program I helped with of a friend of mine is just a little roulette game without animation.. and he got a 1.3.

TIL: Don't give your best. Just give no fuck and push something out quickly.

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    Probably didn't document well enough or lost focus of a well defined goal? Unis are quite harsh about those two factors.

    And post the git repository link, I want to try it out!
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    README is in german, docs/comments are in english.

    The task was: "Write a program" (seriously). And the main thing pissing me of about this is the fact that an one-class-unstructured little JavaFX roulette game got a better mark then I got with that. But I mean I can't change it, who cares.^^

    It's a pass. Don't want nothing more.
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    @frickerg alternatively, so you don't need to download one hell of a load of binaries and stuff:

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