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    SO in a nutshell.
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    Q: How to do bubble sort?

    A: You use built-in quick sort instead
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    The sorry part is that you can very well exchange A and B without changing those scores.
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    I loved the username: thedudehimself

    I am copying it :P
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    becomes a headache when people try to force their own methods without thinking other's situations. :P
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    @Floydian I know it.

    I know boosting stackoverflow with sockpuppet is real.
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    @sunfishcc more like suggestionoverflow
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    @OdeToCode trying to solve a react route problem with method A...
    Spend more than half hour, still can't fix it.
    Post method B instead 🤦‍♂️
    There's no another easy way.
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    1. I have a problem.

    2. Searches Google, a stackoverflow answer appears on the first of results.

    3. This heck shows. Same problem but other user pushing a different approach like the grass is always green on every environment.

    4. Presses back button and looks for another result.
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    @OdeToCode You from Mumbai ?
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    @notroot nope, from Bangalore.. and y do I see our rep in binary @-@
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