Me: Anytime 9am - 12 my time suits me fine.

Him: Sure, noon our time suits us fine.

Me: *talking to myself* I said no later than 12 my time, theres a 2 hour difference. FFS, uh, I'll have to cancel this, move that around, skip that, ARGH!!! fucking hell jackass ... FINE!!!


Him: That calendar invite is for 4pm our time, thats a little too late for us.

Me: ...... but they are 2 ..... 2 hours ahead so ..... oh, thats 10am my time .... oh shit

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    I barely did get anything from this rant. Just how you discussed deadline discussion with a client who's +2 hours ahead from your time zone and not agreeing to your suggestion, but that's all. What do you want to say with that rant?
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    @gitpull He got it the wrong way around. Instead of compensating the time difference he multiplied it.
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