So I just moved into a new apartment ... wait is the phone plugged to an ethernet port? ha didn't expect to have VoIP, so lucky

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    Voip has been used extensively for at least 10 years, so "latest" depends on your frame of reference :p
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    - install Wireshark
    - redirect all VoIP calls through your computer
    -sniff over VoIP
    -listen in on people's conversations
    - make phones call each
    - profit?
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    Hahaha yeah @ewpratten.
    True, I meant to say that here you would see this only on corporations and such @wildebeest
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    Not really, most (all?) isp where I live provide landlines over voip with their Internet/TV packages. Haven't seen a live copper line in years (they're still great for low voltage free electrify 😄)
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    Phone with ethernet? I only have usb on my phone. kEk
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    Who needs phone calls anyway!
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