We had a company feedback meeting the other week; an airing of grievances so to speak. One of the complaints was about how when someone calls 911, no one knows exactly where it goes.

The way he phrased it, we all though it was a metaphor. But as they talked about it, someone said, "Wait, are you .. you're taking about real 911 calls? Like this isn't a metaphor?"

All VoIP gets routed via the central office; so when someone from the California office dials 911 on a phone, they get a 911 dispatch in Illinois. 😶

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    just: wow 😵
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    Fun with IP phones...
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    Yikes. We use VoIP too but it's set up to route 911 calls to the right location. Even people using the soft-phone application on a virtual desktop while working remotely can still get connected to a local dispatcher.

    EDIT: although i think the virtual desktop users need to manually input their location because the VDI isn't aware of the client's actual location.
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