Client: the platform isn't sending emails

Dev: I'll look into it

(Finds all emails are being sent without issue)

Client: I just tested and I'm not receiving emails. This is obviously a site wide bug and I'm upping the priority to "Critical". I'm also getting everyone over here involved.

(Looks into clients account)

Dev: you didn't turn the setting on to allow emails to be sent to you.

Client: this is still a site wide bug that is affecting everyone.

(Provides screenshots showing emails are being sent and opened. Client closes ticket and doesn't respond anymore)

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    Sometimes I read these and think "What if I was that client?" and with this one I just feel like... If they had just responded at the end with something like "Well, that's embarrassing. I'm so sorry for being a bit nasty, but thank you for solving my problem." they would suddenly win all your respect back and you'd probably think of them like "Yeah, they were a pretty alright person and not a childish idiot like a lot of them." instead of "Geez, another moron to the neverending list." :P

    Welcome to devRant btw! :D
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    @Navigatr thank you!
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    Why do none of these people ever think to give you a quick call to say "sorry, I was being a dick"?
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    Clients are fucking idiots most of the time.
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    @teadrinker They think you fixed it on the spot. Still aholes
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    @deusprogrammer I couldn't agree more, why are they always so stupid?
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    Extra -- for the client using the non-word, "upping."
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    Has anybody EVER got back at any of those moron clients? Please share >:(
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    It's a small world, that just so happens to have more idiots than I honestly prefer. Also, as mentioned earlier, welcome to DevRant, fellow new user!
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    The pain... No not again...
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    @bahua no such thing as a "non-word". English lives, it changes, and if people use a word it becomes real. Dictionaries evolve with it and are merely a collection of common words and definitions, not "the definitive list of the only words in the English language"
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