So today I was offered a job at the company as a junior frontend developer. Digging a little deeper I found out that they don't have any other frontend devs in house.

So the job offer translated to:
- senior skillset
- senior workload
- junior wage

Best part is that I was freelancing for them in past and was helping to establish some of the workflow a year ago for more money they offered now.

Thanks, no thanks, I guess?

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    Explain to them that you have the capability to be the senior dev, but you expect the pay to match it.
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    kick them in the balls
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    Tell them it's nonsensical to offer a junior role when there is no one for you deputise for.

    It doesn't make sense to hire from the bottom up.

    They ought to acknowledge that if you stand to add the most (or the only) frontend value - then you are senior.

    Don't walk away without attempting to help them see their offer could be better structured for all involved.
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    I guess they tried to hire me for cheap, now they won't hire me at all.
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