Today I had sort of a meltdown when I found out that the small, 20-something company where I work and where we should all 'trust each other' is working to stealthily enable SSL Inspection.

I'm done with doing anything other than what is stipulated in my contract such as helping out in other areas out of my own volition.

Management got control hungry and mad once they got their hands on a Deep Inspection Firewall.

Well, I'm not feeling sorry for the uproar they'll have to endure once colleagues find out they are doing this stealthily.

Serves them right and after this and other similar experiences my trust in this company is right through the floor.

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    SSL/TLS-inspection is neither good nor bad, it depends on the one using it. What do they want to do if it should be established?
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    shrug. get ur hands on thier root CA, and Use ethercap, or bettercap, and steal some passwords.
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