Searching for new jobs when i find this:

Backend Developer


Computer Science (Bachelor's degree)


English (spoken proficiency: Conversational/Business written proficiency: Conversational/Business)


Ruby on Rails (+5 years of experience)
HTML (+5 years of experience)
CSS (+5 years of experience)
.NET (+5 years of experience)
HapiJS (+5 years of experience)
ExpressJS (+5 years of experience)
Django (+5 years of experience)
Elixir (+5 years of experience)
Ruby (+5 years of experience)
Python (+5 years of experience)
Java (+5 years of experience)
Javascript (+5 years of experience)

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    They definitely like the number 5...
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    Now I imagine this conversation:

    "oh so you have worked with js, sql and c# for 5 years?"


    "And how much did you work with each during that time?"

    "About 40% js and 60% C# and SQL"

    "I see, then I'll just write down your experience:
    * 2 years in JS
    * 1.5 years in C#
    * 1.5 years in SQL"

    Ffs! Do they really expect you to have 12 * 5 = 60+ years experience?
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    Probably a recruiting company. They put stuff like this out as a wide net to catch everyone.
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    Note to self:
    Make "hello world" in every language now.
    In 5 years time come back and update grammar to "Hello, world."

    5 years experience right there
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    Actual job: maintain legacy WordPress apps
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    It’s weird. I see this all the time on devRant, but never in real life, at least not here in Denmark.

    Usually they write something like that they need a developer with X years of experience as a general dev. Then a list of things that the dev should either know about or have experience with.
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    If it's an application through some form I encourage you to copy and paste the requirements list in your application. They're filtering by keywords
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    @fuhrmie531 that is so weird
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    @Wozza365 They probably should've put some double horizontal lines || between those skill requirements.
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    @inaba , the other thing is resolving merge conflicts
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