The deeper I go down the infosec rabbit hole, the more I worry about my doctors still using Windows XP. Why would you save sensitive patient info in those....shoe boxes?

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    @irene no wonder why hospitals are being targeted by hackers with ransomware. To a guy with determination it'd be like taking a candy away from a kid giving it away.
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    @Condor Me thinks doctors need to keep up with a lot of advancements already...
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    Because IT in general is still in the stone age in healthcare. Many systems are dated, but functional. Healthcare workers don't like working on computers and surely do not want to change their software and infrastructure every 2 years, mostly because they do not have the money for it. The high pressure and budget cuts decrease the need of a good IT even more.
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    @Condor I was about to write doctors in Belgium now have a lot more administrative tasks than they used to have, but I guess you know that already 8) 🇧🇪

    Anyway, nice comment you've written. I can't agree more.
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