Learning Vue.js was pretty amazing. I just started using it and got it. I think, with any tool, you know straight away if it's something you will work with rather than against.

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    Currently using it for a project and I'm enjoying it a lot as well. So far it has not brought me any significant challenges and I can't recall at any point going "why on earth did they-..." at any of its design choices.

    My only beef is that the documentation is sketchy in some parts and you end up resorting to changelogs or forums. I can't hold it against them too much, being a fairly young framework.
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    I just really love how straight forward it is. And single file components are just so wonderful. No JSX, no CSS in JS, no trying to reinvent things just to reinvent them.

    I really need to figure out a project to do with Vue, all I work with at my job is Angular/AngularJS.
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    @TheHanna I started by writing something small but fun, like a game, to help me learn.
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    Love Vue. Was using React and then got a project in Vue. I felt like it was so much nicer to write in, I don't want to go back.
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