Ive never really used vim, and therefore not completely understood all the jokes about it..
Yesterday, i somehow ended up editing my crontab with vim.
I have no idea how i managed to quit it, but something worked.

NOTE: No hardware was damaged in the process

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    Well, now you get the jokes :)
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    :x quit and save
    :q! Qui without saving
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    @-vim- yeah, but no
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    Vim is outdated for me. I get that people used it for years BLA BLA BLA.

    Nano is a way better CLI Editor with a bit of Visuals.

    Why use a Stone Axe, when you can have a Chainsaw? Vim so rubbish, that you joke about it xD
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    @-vim- never used this. I always used :wq for write and quit
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    @MoboTheHobo try micro editor
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    @MoboTheHobo Cant tell if serious or joking

    I'll go with you being serious.
    Do you know the keybinds of vim?
    It's SO FAST if you know them!
    Want to delete an entire line? Press dd.
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    @MoboTheHobo I don't know if you're just trolling, but while more difficult to use vim is for sure a more powerful editor than nano. It's more like comparing a shovel(nano) to an excavator(vim). If all you need is a tiny hole then you'll be fine with the shovel.
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