Everyone is ranting/posting about Stephen Hawking RIP &such...

And I'm just sitting here, waiting for his chair to take over the world & shit to hit the fan.. O.O

P.S. no discrespect meant to the guy, I think he was awesome..

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    It was for sure an awesome person, but it was already a miracle he was still alive... 76 years with that disease.

    But the real problem aren't the few posts here, but the hundreds, maybe thousands, of pages and groups called "RIP Stephen Hawking" that are springing up on Facebook...
    WTF people? Why this happens every fucking time someone famous die?
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    I'm waiting for a Stephen Hawking from a parallel universe to come take his place
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    @mundus I hope they will remain in his family and will never be on sale.
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    @mundus o.O does not compute#£®=$°$°¥=°©=¥[¥#££(';#
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    Or probably he has transferred his consciousness into the chair?

    Conspiracy much?

    *Plays suspenseful music
    *Walks off
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    @mundus @JS96

    If you were in India, you would have realised that creating facebook pages after someone famous has died is below amateur level.

    Where my Indian bros at?

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    Doesnt devrant deserve your "RIP Stephen Hawking" post.? What kind of capitalist mentality is this.? Disgraceful.
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    On the other hand facebook does deserve shitty pages like the ones mentioned above.

    You are absolutely right my friend.

    PS: My comment directed towards you was in a sarcastic manner. Just stating this fact if it wasnt that obvious.
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    @mundus @JS96 I hope after his family and friends cope with their loss, his chair and computer will end up in a science history museum (e.g. Oxford University probably has one).
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    But it would be the pun of the century if he'd programmed his chair to act like him, considering Hawking always was strongly opinionated about AI.
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    BTW, it must be horrible for his family to be able to hear his computer voice still after his death, because it's a matter of letting it speak. Hawking himself identified with that voice as if it were his own, I'm guessing people who knew him well identify the voice with him as well!
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    Everyone has their own way of showing emotions as long as they are genuine.

    But what actually grinds my gears are those people, who after reading the news actually searched for the first time who he was and then are putting RIP statuses on their walls and saying he was my inspiration. You are a model whose entire life is inside a gym and suddenly Hawkins was your inspiration?
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    @bitsnpieces you can still be a model & know who he was..
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    Of course you can. There is a difference between knowing someone and someone being your inspiration. I know you googled him after the news of his death and suddenly he is your inspiration? If your life was so influenced by him, perhaps you would have at least mentioned him in all the thousands of conversations we had.!

    This was directed towards someone I know who always engages in gimmicks like this so that all his followers think he has good looks along with being intellectual.
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