All these Stephen Hawking posts are everywhere...
Yeah, we got it. Rip Mr. Hawking.
Now that I wrote that too, I hope everyone will stop posting that.

He was a great man. And now he is dead. By crying for a dead man, you can't revive him.
I know it sounds like an asshole from me, but that's getting slowly on my nerves.

I'm kind of thinking that all of these posts' original intention is to get as many ++ as possible. Such wow.

I hope that the raspberry pi model b+ won't be spreaded like this, too. (I know what you guys are thinking rn. Pssst ;))

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    I'd really like to get an R-Pi but that RAM size is just too small IMO, like at least 2GB, maybe 4?
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    It's not about all these posts being redundant. Rather, I'd say all these posts show appreciation for a man who was respected by many. I mean, I don't know about you, but his books literally changed my life, and I'm going to post about it. So what if there's a storm of posts about it for a day or two? Any new major framework or browser or whatever gets a storm too (remember FF Quantum?).

    After a day or so, though, yeah, then I'd agree with you.

    I won't disagree with your point about people posting for ++, though. That does happen. To everyone who does that, fuck you.
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    I don't really give much of a fuck about him having died, tbh, but I also think I can handle people posting about him for a day. I don't get why you would get so annoyed by this, it's not like it's been going on for weeks.
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    I didn't do it for ++s.

    And you cannot control the crowd. Doing that would be irrational.

    BTW, good rant gitty 😉
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    Btw. I misspelled something. Not all posts. But most posts. There are also people who aren't posting these Stephen posts for the ++.

    Me being an asshole is only to those who are doing that for the ++. Please don't spam for immediately needed attention, you xyz.
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    @Floydian thanks, bro :)

    Yours wasn't included in that indirectly mentioned list of ++farmers.

    Yes. It's indeed irrational. But I would still want to speak that out.
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    @Lahsen2016 I can imagine the situation getting out of hand in the next days. Just watch and see it fys.
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    @RememberMe sorry, I misspelled that part.
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    @gitpull ++ farmers.

    Hahahahahahahaha made my day...

    People these days need constant dopamine shots to survive.

    And thanks for believing in me friend, you are only one who does :)

    You have equal right to vent the shit out here.
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    @gitpush who says that we have to stick to rpi? ;)
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    @Floydian I am glad that I made you smile haha.

    I don't always blame them. They must have been through some though situations, but they could also think not only for themselves but also for the people around them. They are not living alone on this planet. They don't need to be mega egoists and bomb all of our feed tab with their ++ horny redundant shit.

    Aww ofc mate. Even tho I don't know you personally, I know that you're not like that. You're welcome :) made me happy to see that I am still can be somehow supportive even if I think of myself as an antisocialist for most of the time lol.

    Also thanks for that last sentence ^^
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    'but they could also think not only for themselves but also for the people around them.'

    Only if people thought about others and surroundings, we would have been a much better place.

    Possibly, Aliens might have contacted us by now.

    Annnnnd you're welcome gitty :)
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    @Floydian XD so true. That might have happened. Or it even did but we don't know it yet *points at governments* *conspiracy theories war begins*
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    @gitpull illuminati detected...
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    In what way do you differ now from your post about Avicii? Just asking 😉 Anyway RIP
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