Karma...you're the best.

An ex-team member was complaining to me about his manager reviewing his code. Shortened version of the convo:
Mgr: "Why didn't you use the new C# built-in extension methods?"
Dev: "No reason. I thought using the straight forward approach would be easier to maintain"

Ha!..you conceded, arrogant mother <bleep>er. How many times did I have to listen you berate other developers in code reviews for not using some random C# syntax sugar? Comments like "If you bothered to read the new C# 7.0 language specification like I did...you would have known not to use the string.Format anymore..."

Now you're pissed that the manager embarrassed you? How does it feel d-bag?

That's too evil...so I simply responded "I don't think Nick meant anything negative about your code, he's just trying to help."

Seeing him stir around all pissed off does make me giggle like a little schoolgirl.

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    @IllSlapU I usually only drop the f-bomb when I'm by myself, in my car, and there are truckers driving 55~60 MPH in both lanes..for MILES. Must be some kind of sick game they enjoy.

    That's when I wish I had Magneto super-powers and could throw those slow mother fu..oops...almost got me to say it.
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    @PaperTrail Stop censoring swear words, it's childish and we know what it means anyway. It's just annoying.
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    @filthyranter but cursing comes from Satan! 😬
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    @PaulTheSaltyDev so fuck shitty satan
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    @SHA-16384 It's actually gaining popularity I believe.
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    Tbh, in like a 100 years, swear words now will be perfectly normal or completely pointless. I mean you could have teachers, telling parents: your child doesn't do his fucking homework.
    And they would just respond: that fucker.

    It would be totally normal. Meanwhile a word that's completely normal now, like windows 10, will bleeping toxic in the future
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    Why the niceties?
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