A big FUCK YOU to everyone who called me a nerd in high school.

Who's earning more now? Ha!
Jokes on you!

But seriously, I didn't realise intelligence is highly appreciated until I started working as a developer. 🤑

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    Don't be the same as them Boy! :) congrats.
    p.s I still hate nerd orientation, I don't need to know everything and still if you have life ( being social more than once a week or whatever) you have an idea what people need. So yeah being said wanted to say that practice and theory goes together as life moves on, it's not separated, neither being part of living creatures that want to talk #nohate #principles :)
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    This makes me soo happy :))))))
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    Same here, when I was at uni they'd tell me get a life stop being a nerd, well jokes on them now I guess
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    The hate is real.
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    They don't get paid too much, but probably they get more balanced and happier life...and more sex that we have haha
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