There are like a zillion wifi networks over here.

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    Lol where is this
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    Choose "Bert & Martine"!
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    Avontuur Woonkamer? Adventure livingroom? lol!
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    @Consolelog haha geniaal
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    Don't they all interfere with each other and disturb each others signals? What is the signal quality like?
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    @Dropkick500 this was in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands

    @Niddam I have no idea, but probably poor
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    I love people leaving their exact device name as ssid, you can be sure they most likely use the pre-configured password. For a Fritz! for example it's 12 digits, all numbers. any bored kid can sniff some device auth traffic and a bruteforce script guessing 12 numbers is a one liner.
    I don't understand why Companies still provide their hardware with this kind of configuration.
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    @marcom i have a 7590 obviously i changed all the defaults password.
    but the default password is not so bad... it was alphanumeric (i don't remember the length)

    think that people usually set as password the name of their wife/gf/daughter.

    social engineering is the way.....
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