The rant starts here

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    These are some fucking great names 😂😂😂
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    Favorited for future reference...
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    Just call it "insert pun here"
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    Some additional names I already saw:
    Robert Wlandowski

    But my favourite is Martin Router King :D
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    In Germany some trains (the fast "ice" have WiFi) but others (the slow, region ones called "re" for example) don't.
    So when I'm working(with notebook) in the slow one I usually open a Hotspot called "sorry no WiFi in the re" :D
    Or once traveled with the new ice (the new ones look awesome even have wood instead of plastic), which why ever didn't had WiFi (maybe technical issues) and then it was "sorry no wifi here - BUT wood :D"
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    Our SSID at home is " C:\Virus.exe ".. noone would even try to connect :D
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    Those are amazing names!! 😂
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    Can't forget "Pretty Fly 4 A WiFi"
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    Giggled at martin router king :D
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    @lukegv there was a hotspot called Martin Router King in my uni once 😂

    There was also "Iceberg on Flames"
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    My friend set his wifi password to "iforgot" so when people ask what his wifi is he says
    "I forgot"
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    @porteighty I still don't get that one although it's set on my router as default (second hand though)
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    @linuxxx song is Pretty Fly by Offspring. It has a line "pretty fly for a white guy"
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    @porteighty Ahhh... Thanks!
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    Fuck you ssid
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    First time I favorite a post, ever! Congrats
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    Eduroam 😎 hello darkness, my old friend
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    My SSID is: The neighbour's internet

    Their face when I tell visitors to connect to the neighbour's internet 😂
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    I wish I'd thought of just one of those!
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    @OfficerHalf what do you mean?
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    This names are great and funny asf
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    FBI Van #7 to spook the neighborhood rn.
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    Life in the fast LAN, Martin Router King and Silence of the LAN are my favorites.

    I feel ashamed that my router isn't named something more entertaining.

    Maybe I should try "A LAN before time"
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