Can anyone explain me why everyone is using vim and i feel to dumb to use it, because I did not know how to close it so I am using nano?

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    :x to save and quit (:wq also works)
    And :q! to quit without saving

    Note: you need to be in normal mode before entering commands (ESC, and there’s no —INSERT— at the bottom)
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    @three333 I'll give it a try, I do not think vim can repair our relationship anymore..
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    Vim, unfortunately, requires that you have your personal epiphany.

    That moment where it clicks in your mind, and you realize that the whole editor is built around a language that was tailored to modifying text. Where you stop thinking about letters and lines and start thinking about blocks and groups and spans and text objects. And then after that minor epiphany, you take a look at how Ed and ex work and you realize what you were missing all along.

    Vim isn't a mere text editor. It's a text programmer.
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    try this and vim will be a lot more usable

    ultimate vimrc - GitHub
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    @heyheni Thanks i'll try
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