University decided we have to use Wolfram Mathematica with instructions how to *cough* find it *cough* for free. I was really annoyed with this, because I didn't want to "find it" so I stumbled upon SageMath and it's working good enough. I get pissed when somebody tells me I have to pirate software (I'm no saint, I've done it before), it's not fair to students who don't have 100$ to throw at a software they'll use for 3 months and never again probably...

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    I got Mathematica for free, your University must have been too cheap to get a site license. That sucks. It was Matlab they made us pay for.
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    Isn't something of theirs included in the Raspbian distribution for the Raspberry Pi?
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    File a complaint against your university for not acting in the best interest of their students. They should be an example to you and pay for the license to use whatever software you need for your studies. They wouldn't advise you to not pay for gas or public transport (and how to not pay) for your commute to the university, now would they?
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    @eeee I don't live in that type of country :) unfortunately
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    @vyrtruus yes, they are that cheap. Although some professors take it on their own to supply students with software which is cool. However this prof. doesn't care
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    But the only feature which is helpful is the explanations of the steps and you can get the explanations from Other sites as well. Everything else is possible with the free Version of Wolfram, except really complicated tasks but I doubt you need the premium Version.
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