With all these posts about the death of Steven Hawkings there's one thing which may be overlooked:


(No offense to Steven Hawkings. He truly was one of the greatest scientists of mankind.)

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    Thats yesterdays news, or the day before that. But yeah, its awesome :)
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    Finally can launch my awesome project with encryption XD I actually don't have any projects that would need it. But still
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    Wow thats awesome!
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    Furious over the fact, that you wrote "Steven Hawkings" instead of "Stephen Hawking"
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    @gitlab put certificates on all your sites, it looks better and improves your sites score on Google.
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    @rasm945i I already do have them on all my sites, I'm just referring to the fact that I don't have a need for a wild card cert atm
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    @gitlab ah, me neither. I dont have that many subdomains. But i still think its great that its available for free now
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