As a frontend dev, i love watching our backend devs sometimes go like "hey come on it's just css I can do it real quick, let me do it this time" and get super frustrated with failure. Buddy, one of the reasons frontend is not so easy is that it can be real fucking annoying. I'm keeping my distance and respect for your side so stay the fuck away from my dance floor.

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    I'm on the fence about this. I mean, I came originally from backend and had to learn frontend out of necessity. But it didn't take nearly as long to understand as backend did. With the exception of some really specialized styling, I can usually get a PSD to full HTML with responsive within a few hours.

    Then again, some people just can't transition from one end to the other.
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    @JMoodyFWD im on the fence too. A leg on each side and a metal pole up my ass. I suck at designing, and i cant do anything backend.

    I havent taken the time to get myself off that pole, and actually learn backend, or improve frontend. Im satisfied with a metal pole up my ass for now.
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    @rasm945i That metal pole has been up my ass for like 6 years now. Pretty sure it's like 9 inches deep by now. I just stopped worrying about it and learned to love it. I mean as much as you can enjoy a metal pole up your ass.
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    💯% this.

    As a fellow front end developer, whatching backend developers also come to grips about frontend not just about HTML, CSS and JS but also can incorporate more abstract concepts of design theory, colour theory, user experience and design psychology, interface design patterns (commonly reduced to simply "UI"), interface accessibility and a lot more, is very satisfying to see.

    As a frontend dev I try hard to never minimize a backend developers work either because they're goddamn wizards and I don't know all that shit, but I know enough to stay away from "that's just a relational database" or "just spin up a PCI compliant VM" cringe comments.

    It's a learning process but, it would be appreciated to hear it from them once in a while.

    #nohate #oneteam #i❤️backend
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    @JMoodyFWD I'm glad for you 👍🏼
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    That's right. There's always that. Even if you want to simplify things with a few scripts, this is always laughed at. It's just scripts. Everybody can do scripts. By scripts I mean bash scripts. And Bash can be a real bitch sometimes.
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    @Vip3rDev more people need to have this attitude. Neither is truly valuable without the other, and there's no competition involved. Just because it's a different discipline doesn't make it any less important. Gotta communicate and cooperate!
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