Every single one of us here loathe this question "Hey can you hack a Facebook account for me?"

Even worse when the one asking is your mom.

(Backstory, she and her friend runs a store. Shit happened between them. The friend is the one who setup the store's Facebook page. Now posting shit on that page. She's not tech savvy. I can probably brute force her password. No 2FA)

Dilemma. Dilemma.

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    That's the easy way. Or you can go for the legal way and, maybe, even get refunded for the shit she'd thrown.
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    can you brute force a facebook account password though?
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    @menshawi ye, I think he means use a wordlist cuz a full brute force is never really effective on an online site, just to slow.
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    It gets locked after some failed attempts, so good luck...
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    Nowa days hacking facebook is the same as hacking life. Sad but true.
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    I implemented the "middle way". πŸ˜‚
    The page owned by the lady was less then 700 likes. Just some close friends. So I created a new page. managed to get more than 1K likes. And make it looks more authentic.
    (Side note : me being curious , tried to access her account and guess what's her password is? It's her phone number. πŸ˜… But I did not touch a single thing or read a single msg in her account. People seriously need to learn about basic|daily computer security)
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    @psone but where they can learn basics? :D
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    The kids at my school sees me using 6 letter words that sound fancy about computers like “application” instead of “app”, next thing you know, people ask “cAN yOu HaCK?!?”. I code, not hack.
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