why the fuck do i have to fill out all these job search websites' forms to generate a CV for me ? i already have a fucking CV !!!

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    The best are the ones who make you fill a huge fucking form and then ask you for a pdf cv as well.
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    Can't understand what is their problem. If I want to generate a CV then I will go to search some template. BTW try Stackoverflow's developer story. It generates a nice resume.
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    Well, its pretty hard to extract the details of your CV with an automated software. But if you put these details in forms, the data can be filtered or sorted, before a human looks at your real CV.
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    @lukegv well they can at least provide an import from LinkedIn/GitHub/Stackoverflow button
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    Aren't these mainly so companies get a uniform template so it's easier for them to parse the data at a glance?
    Probably not as good as it means they don't have to properly ready your CV 🤔
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    @lukegv couldn't AI solve it though?
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    Because they want data. They're not there to give you a job and then you fuck off without giving anything back.
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    I'm pretty sure it's mainly to improve their hiring process. They can't keep the data anyhow, at least according to EU laws on data safety.
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    @lukegv they can because you gave them permission.
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