Tested on local work perfectly,
Push to production
Restart service
CPU went up to 100%, process alive but all services down.
Try to think of what would be the cause.
With no hope, i restarted the service again.
Everything works as expected.
I still dont know what happened. :/

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    lols, is that a protoduction?
  • 7
    @japzio Hahaha, that is right, my company is not a modern software developing company. The "production" environment, just release build running on a different machine
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    It's probably just the CPU getting really excited to run your new program
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    There is a french saying "dans la doute, reboot", means: "is case of doubt, reboot"
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    Once a great computer scientist said "Reboot works in mysterious ways"
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    Really sound like me :v
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    I've been here too. You've got company. \o/
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