Decided to try out React Native.

Going well so far o/

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    I like it and hate it

    Like it as I don't have to write code again for the other platform

    Hate it because I feel it is a hack around native

    And now I'm stuck with fixing stupid RTL support for Android ...
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    Got any recommendations for resources for learning React Native? I'm quite comfortable with JS and know a bit of React (so resources for React would also be appreciated .-.)
    Anything would help, thanks.
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    @gitpush I have never done Android studio itself
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    Wait for it. You will hate it
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    So is learning android is my best bet? @py2js
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    @knerd better learn native and start with Kotlin if you like, kotlin and java are some what the same when it comes to learning, they are different but same concept

    React Native is good, I did not see any bad performance, though things can be done easier using native languages.
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    I'm in the same boat. I like that it uses pseudo CSS for styling, at least that much is familiar to me
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    Native is still the best way to go tbh
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