lesson learned...
never run yaourt -Syu --aur without checking the upgrade list.

reboot-> system doesn't boot -> F**k
reboot (runlevel 3)
discover that nvidia-beta and nvidia-utils mismatch version.
fix it editing pkgbuild of nvidia-beta to install lastest version.
reboot->everything works.

Results: succesfully wasted 25minutes.

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    conclusion: don't use novideo beta drivers, ffs.
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    @nik123 I had issues with stable drivers with my 1070 since i switched to beta everything works fine so i will keep them.
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    I remember I did that once when Arch had PostgreSQL 10 on its repos. It completely broke my working database which was on 9.6 and the migration tool wasn't working either. I don't remember how I fixed it, but fortunately I had a 3 day old backup.
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    @teganburns well, this is not the case.

    it's my fault. :-(
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    Well don't use NVIDIA. Easy.
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