Hey guys I've been learning reactjs , jquery bootstrap basically a lot of static stuff but now I want to build a dynamic site like a blog I have no idea how to get started any tips or advice...

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    Maybe start with making the bootstrap elements dynamic using javascript, for example bootstrap docs guide you to manipulate elements like modals and dropdowns via js. If you haven't already done that.
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    Take a look at Vue.js

    TheNetNinja has very good tutorials on YouTube to get you started.
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    Begin sketching what it should look like, very roughly, and then look at what data it will work on.

    Make simple use cases on what a typical visitor would like to do.

    Read the latest post, search for something, add a comment.

    Do the same for he owner/writer.

    Draw relation diagrams for any information required and start defining tables.

    If you fo mot have a db or do not wish to start with that make some mochup data source that you can use to start render the page and work from there.
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    Frameworks are only tools, no framework is going to help you design a site, but they can reduce the amount of coding you have to do.

    But without a good idea of what you want to do and what that requires no framework will help :)

    Personally I really like react with its top down approach and very functional design but any should work.
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    @Voxera I agree 100%, but oftentimes I have found that watching Youtube videos of frameworks in action help you understand how to visualize your projects. Sometimes it also helps you come up with an idea you discarded because you thought it was too difficult. Many times we end up reinventing the wheel and in the process loose interest or we overcomplicate things and get frustrated. Watching how things work is a very good way to learn the fundamentals.
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    @matteusbrevik thanks I am going to watch his nodejs series next
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    @Voxera thanks for your advice I have a clear idea about it now..
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