I hate printers.
I hate wireless printers even more.

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    I love my Brother laser printer though. :)
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    I finally gave up the ghost a couple years ago, but I used a 90s era LaserJet, connected via jetdirect, for all my home office printing needs. If I ever need to own a printer again (highly unlikely) then I will get an old-as-balls model again. They are better in almost every way than what's available today.
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    @kolaente DUDDEEE... i was going to put that URL there but wow... I can't believe I found someone who watches the same videos as me... You're cool c:
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    Have you tried Zebra printer?
    It’s the most reliable printer if you’re looking for endless trouble.
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    *Geto Boys plays*
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    Printers never work when they're supposed to, wireless printers work even less
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    I'm trying to think of a use case in which paying ten cents a sheet could be more expensive than owning your own printer, and I just can't.
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    @c3ypt1c perfect timing 😂💪
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    I can't read the word "printer" without think in 3D printers.
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    Clear your spooler and try again 😑
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