Raise your hands if you absolutely need a screen to work!

Most of you? Ok.

Well, let me share a story of a dev who doesn't really need a screen at all.



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    @J-2FA The next best thing will be brailled computer screens
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    saving to watch later
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    @JoshBent literally just a 30 second video
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    @iSwimInTheC theres no bookmark feature on devrant yet, so thats my way of going through interesting videos, no matter the length
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    I’m guessing front end is out of the question
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    @J-2FA oh yeah I saw that a while back, incredible stuff :) massive props to him I could barely keep up with the readout and there he goes powering through it.

    Really made me think hard about accessibility on my own stuff
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    A few months ago I've been listening to a an interview with a blind developer from my country who does the same. He was found on one training, where attendands were supposed to come with their own computers. He came with a PC, and without a monitor. The host said that they cannot provide him any screen and he replied that he don't need it :)
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